Kansas EMS Region 4
 1297 16th Road
 Clay Center, Kansas 67432

 Phone: (785) 632-6000
 Fax: (785) 632-6007

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Region 4 Goals:

  • To promote quality emergency patient care.
  • To promote quality emergency medical training.
  • To provide technical assistance to those entities responsible for delivery of pre-hospital care.
  • To assure quality emergency medical delivery systems across the region by promoting quality improvement/quality assurance initiatives.
  • To promote research and data collection relevant to EMS.
  • Manage, utilize, and distribute funds received in a fair and equitable manor throughout the region.
  • To ensure a conduit exists between the regional partners and local, regional, and state entities.
  • To promote a planned and coordinated response to disaster situations throughout the region.

Region Office Coordinator
Pam Kemp
Ph: 785-632-6000
Fax: 785-632-6007
Region Officers
Dave Beam
Past President:
Eric Voss
Eric Voss
Vice President:
Rod Rees
Rod Rees
James Buller
James Buller